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Nakesha sighed as she sat fidgeting in her seat, eyes on her watch.
Just as restless next to her was Isaiah, bouncing slightly in his seat with his eyes on the clock on the classroom wall.
All around them, their classmates were in the same state of fidgety state, all watching the clock.
The teacher had noticed and was looking forward to having time to himself in the classroom to finish his marking before he himself went on the Winter Break.
"WAHOOOOOOOO!" yelled Isaiah, throwing his books, paper and stationery up into the air.
Nakesha ducked and her shadows protected her from the falling debris. "Thanks Isaiah," she commented sarcastically.
"That bell is for me, not you," the teacher said but was interrupted by a student yelling, "IT'S SNOWING!"
Instantly, everyone ran for the window and hoots of delight rang out.
"WOO! HA HA!" This was Isaiah, who was looking delighted.
"Oh what's the point?" the teacher bemoaned. "Go! The lot of you! And have a good holiday!"
Everyone threw their things into their bags and ran out of the classroom to the cloakroom.
"Oh come on Nakesha," Isaiah whined, dancing from one foot to the other, "we'll miss the fight!" He had flung on his coat, too excited to put his woollens on.
Nakesha was putting her scarf, gloves and coat on slowly, to ensure she was properly wrapped up. "Go on then blood sucker. I'm heading straight for the bus. I've gotta get back."
"Oh! Come on! You can join in!"
The two started walking out.
"I have to get back. My grandma will go barmy if I am late home. Especially in this weather."
"Oh!" he whined and stood still in the courtyard, where a snowball fight had broken out amongst the students.
Unlike a normal snowball fight, due to this being a "interdisciplinary arts academy" or a school for the supernatural, there were spells, magical effects, snowballs being thrown at high speed, turning them into bullets and magical shields happening all over the place. It was a full scale battleground.
Nakesha was walking out of the yard, heading off campus, protected by her shadows, which were protecting her of their own accord. A singular snowball had got through and smacked her on her back like a bullet. She stumbled and spun around.
"There is only one person who could possibly know how to get through my shadow defence, ISAIAH!" she shouted. She looked furious but a playful twinkle shone in her eye.
Isaiah ran up to her laughing. "Oh come on Sooty! Play!"
"You sound like a puppy!"
"I am not a puppy and I do not sound like one!"
"You do!"
"I don't!"
A wall of snow had suddenly landed on top of him, making him freeze and the whole courtyard was laughing at him.
Nakesha had been distracting Isaiah with the argument whilst she directed her shadows to sweep a wall of snow off the roof and onto Isaiah.
"Thanks Sooty," he muttered and shuffled off.
Day 02 done!

Summary: Isaiah Wolfe and Nakesha Kaye both go to the Mid-Yorkshire Academy of Interdisciplinary Arts and on the last day of the Winter term, it starts snowing and Nakesha plays a prank on her pestering friend.

Words: 514 words
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December 9, 2012
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